Reasons to Wear Your Baby Close

Babywearing and why it is so important:

Slings are used from birth up until your toddler no longer needs or wants to be carried. For me they have been an amazing experience and I honestly don’t know how parents manage with out one! It’s like an extra pair of arms to cradle baby next to you.When I see parents hauling baby around in a car seat or a big cumbersome stroller I wish I could share the secret of babywearing with them!  I think it is the main reason why I have such easy going relaxed babies, they were always held close and comfy next to mama in their sling for such a big part of their lives. Having a baby in the sling made it easy to spend time with my other children and nursing them hands-free was a breeze.There is some interesting reading on the importance of having babes in arms from the Continuum Concept, which I highly recommend.

  • Babies worn in slings are happier babies, their needs are met and they feel secure and cry so much less.
  • Babywearing helps you communicate and build a strong relationship with baby and is a great way for dads and grandparents to build a strong bond.
  • Babywearing helps a mom to be able to get things done and care for other children and herself while keeping baby happy.
  • Babies are soothed and comforted by your voice, your smell and the rhythm of your movement, it is an ideal transitional womb for them in their first year.
  • Most parents with experience wearing their baby will tell you that they never had to learn to distinguish their baby’s cries because they could communicate their needs effectively without crying.
  • Wearing your baby keeps them safe, slings are especially helpful with toddlers that are curious and need to be held close in busy places.
  • Wearing a baby promotes physical development, especially crucial with premature babies needing skin to skin contact.
  • Babywearing is economical and convenient compared to an expensive bulky stroller or lugging a cumbersome car seat.
  • Your sling can double as a change pad, blanket or sun shade in the car.
  • Babywearing gives your child emotional safety to discover the world at their pace.
  • Walking with your baby in a sling soothes them to sleep easily.
  • Babywearing is especially useful for colicky or ‘high needs’ babies who are far happier being worn or carried.
  • Your sling can fold up easily into your diaper bag or purse.
  • Babywearing is fun! Who doesn’t like to have a darling baby snuggled up to them or sleeping peacefully in a beautiful sling.

Babies worn in slings are happier babies, their needs are met and they feel secure and cry so much less.

Many people have tried different kinds of slings and become frustrated with adjusting the size, the closed tails and the bulky padding. I am excited to offer lots of choices in babywearing so we can find what works for you!

As a mom of four I know how important it is to find something that is comfortable and works for all ages from newborn to toddler. From experience I can say all slings are not created equal, fabric and design make a huge difference in comfort ease of use. If you have tried a sling before and found it frustrating let me know and I can lend you different styles to try so you don’t miss out on the babywearing fun!

My ring slings are made from 100% organic cotton, silk dupioni, sports mesh, or hemp.  They have a smooth pleated shoulder and lightweight aluminum rings. .

My wraps are made with 70% bamboo rayon and 30% organic cotton jersey.  They are finished with soft and stretchy wooly thread and marked in the center with the Sewfunky label.

If you are new to slings, check out they have reviews on many types of slings and wraps so you can find what style will work best for you! Plus they have a lot of amazing information on babywearing!

Join a babywearing advocacy group in your area, find out more about our local group here.

It does take a few days to get the hang of slinging your baby, and it is good to practice putting it on in front of a mirror to see that it spread evenly over your shoulder and flat over your back. There are several different holds you can practice and see which one works best for you and baby and the stage you are at. Along with your sling will come information and colour photos on different ways to carry baby. After a little practice you will be a professional!

All slings are handmade by me and are machine washable and guaranteed for quality and workmanship.

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