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What age/weight range is a sling good for?

A Ring Sling or Pouch Sling can be used from full term birth (8lbs) up until 35 pounds. Some choose to carry their children beyond 35 pounds and you can do so at your own discretion. (At times I’ve carried my 5 year-old in a sling when he was asleep and we were away from home.)

Panda Wraps can be used from birth up until 18-20 pounds. You are welcome to continue using them up to 30 pounds but as your baby grows you will find that the jersey will stretch with your baby’s weight and you will have to re-tighten your wrap occasionally to have a comfy fit.

Do you mail slings anywhere?

Yes, I mail my slings worldwide!

How long until my custom order sling is ready?

I can have your sling sewn and mailed within 24 hours if I have the fabric in stock.


What are your Sling rings made of?

I use light-weight aluminum rings that are safety and weight tested and designed specifically for baby slings. Here is information from the manufacturer:

We want to bring you the highest quality rings possible. To ensure quality we submit our rings to rigorous testing. During our design phase we perform the following tests:

  • Impact Testing
  • Pull Testing
  • Soaking in bleach and then a full washer/dryer cycle
  • Freezing followed by additional impact testing
  • Heating followed by additional pull testing

It was considered a success when multiple rings went through all of these steps without breaking. One ring alone will actually lift a 3000 pound machine, without breaking.

Additionally, each ring is individually tested and inspected before shipment. It must pass an impact test and a 250 pound pull test before being considered ready to ship.

What if my sling length doesn’t fit me?

Our slings come in a standard length that we find are a ‘one size fits most’  Ring slings don’t really have a ‘size’ per se, it just comes down to preference on how long the tail is.  A tail that is too long can be come a tripping hazard, a tail that is too short might not give you enough fabric to adjust your sling safely.  There should be at least 9 inches of fabric on the tail of your sling.

If you feel like your sling is too long or short, please let me know and I will exchange it for an appropriate length.

Do you have any questions that aren’t answered here? Contact us, we are more than happy to answer them.