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Panda Wrap Instructions

These instructions are for the basic front wrap cross carry.

When learning it is helpful to watch yourself in a mirror as you put baby in.

For maximum comfort ensure your wrap is snug so baby is high on your chest. Having the wrap too loose will cause strain on your back if baby is riding too low and not at your centre of gravity.

The Panda Wrap can be used as long as you and baby are comfortable. 

A stretchy wrap is an excellent choice for newborns. Many small infants prefer to be carried upright and high on your chest next to your heart.

Organically-grown bamboo is the perfect fabric to have next to baby’s skin. Bamboo fabric is light and strong and naturally wicks away moisture and has a natural antibacterial property making it perfect for a wrap.

There are many different ways to tie a wrap making it versatile and convenient.