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Wrap Conversion Order Form

Sewfunky WCRS Wrap Conversion Ring Sling Order Form
To streamline your wrap conversion order please copy and paste this questionnaire into your email to me at
What brand of wrap are you sending?
Would you like a pleated or gathered shoulder?
What size sling would you like?
If your sling has a directional design which needs to be upright which shoulder do you prefer to wear on?
What colour rings would you like on your sling? *
If you are hemming the wrap remainder of your sling what size would you like it to be in inches?
If your wrap has a right or wrong side to it which do you prefer as the main body of your sling?  If your wrap is identical on both sides your sling will be sewn wrong side out so the tail hem faces inwards unless otherwise requested. 
Are you splitting your wrap with another person - provide details :
Are there any other details that are important to you regarding your order?
What is your name and email address? *
Please provide your complete shipping address & telephone number. *
How do you prefer to pay? *
* Conditions -
  • I am not able to inspect or be accountable for cosmetic issues when a used wrap has been sent directly from a seller to me on your behalf.  Be sure to ask lots of questions concerning your purchase's condition (pulled threads, broken threads, stains etc).
  • I will refuse any wrap that is in disrepair, felted or less than 25 inches wide.
  • Please ensure that your wrap is either new or in freshly washed condition.
  • If your wrap is new and unwashed anticipate adding 2-3 inches to account for shrinkage.
  • Packages are insured for $100 with expedited mail, if you require more coverage please let me know the amount and I will send a custom invoice.