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Wrap to Sling Conversion WCRS and Wrap Hem

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Woven Wrap Conversion Ring Sling - WCRS  & Hem Service (Canada Only)

Do you have a woven wrap that would get more love as a ring sling and a shortie?  We are happy to offer wrap to sling conversion and wrap hemming services! Your wrap piece will be hemmed with matching tapers and re-positioned middle markers. Fill out the form and let me know if you have any questions and send your wrap to the address below.  

Wrap Sizing Chart

size 2 – 2.7 meters = 8.86 feet = 102.36 inches
size 3 – 3.1 meters = 10.17 feet = 122.05 inches
size 4 – 3.6 meters = 11.81 feet = 141.73 inches
size 5 – 4.2 meters = 13.78 feet = 165 inches
size 6 – 4.6 meters = 15.09 feet = 181.10 inches
size 7 – 5.2 meters = 17.06 feet = 204.72 inches
size 8 – 5.6 meters = 18.37 feet = 220.47 inches

Material required for pleated sling conversion

XS 68 inches = Finished median length 65 inches
SM 73 inches = Finished median length 70 inches
M 78 inches = Finished median length 75 inches
M/L 81 inches = Finished median length 78 inches
L 83 inches = Finished median length 80 inches
XL 88 inches = Finished median length 85 inches

Material required for gathered sling conversion

XS 72 inches = Finished median length 65 inches
SM 77 inches = Finished median length 70 inches
M  82 inches = Finished median length 75 inches
M/L 85 inches = Finished median length 78 inches
L 87 inches = Finished median length 80 inches
XL 92 inches = Finished median length 85 inches

What next? You can send your wrap at any time, I am always available for conversions. Please check out on the website and email your order form with the details of your sling.

* Conditions  :

- I am not able to inspect or be accountable for cosmetic issues when a used wrap has been sent directly from a seller to me on your behalf. Be sure to ask lots of questions concerning your purchase's condition (pulled threads, broken threads, stains etc) .

- I will refuse any wrap that is in disrepair, felted or less than 25 inches wide.

- Please ensure that your wrap is either new or in freshly washed condition.

- If your wrap is new and unwashed anticipate adding 2-3 inches to account for shrinkage.

- Packages are insured at a value of $100 with Canada Post if you require additional insurance for the value of your wrap it is your responsibility to let me know how much and I will send an invoice.  

- The cost of conversion includes rings – available colours are black, slate, silver, bronze, gold, green, purple, red, pink, blue, orange and turquoise. I do not use rings provided by a customer only rings I purchase directly from the manufacturer.

- I am not able to take an existing shoulder and  turn it into a Sewfunky shoulder.  If there is enough length I can cut it off and start fresh.  The reasons being is that it is very time consuming to undo sewing and a potential risk of damaging the fabric in the process.

- I can not make a sling out of custom fabric, only woven wraps designed for babywearing.

- There is some variance with long tapers (less available fabric to work with) for example Kokadi, Ellevill, Chimparoo) and directional prints.

To streamline your order please copy and paste the order form found here into your email so we can process it faster.

If you are unsure of the details we will go over the length and type of wrap you have and what your options are. I can post a picture of the rings laid out on your wrap so you can choose what you like best. All scraps will be returned with your conversion. Some heavier weight woven wraps are not suitable for sling conversions.
Turn around time is 1-3 business days once I have all of the details and payment has been confirmed.

Send to :
279 Waterloo Ave
Guelph, ON N1H 3J6

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